Yarn Review: Drops Soft Tweed

A hard-wearing tweed yarn

Hi guys! Welcome to my weekly yarn review. Each week, I write about a specific yarn that I’ve worked with in the past and discuss what I loved about it, where it falls short, and what kind of knitted items it may work best in. For my more yarn reviews, and to get notified when I write a new one, sign up for my newsletter!

Today I’ll be reviewing Drops Soft Tweed – a relatively new Drops yarn that I used for my Soldag sweater (my first ever design – so this yarn and pattern holds a special place in my heart). I had never used Drops Soft Tweed before, but really wanted to try it out and a durable Aran cabled sweater seemed like the perfect occasion.

Drops Soft Tweed is a carded, 2-ply yarn of 50% wool, 25% alpaca, and 25% viscose with small tweed “buttons” speckled throughout. It is a light, airy yarn designed for use on 4 mm needles that holds its shape well after blocking and wear.

Good for:

- Anything that needs great stitch definition. Cables, structural knitting, you name it. Drops Soft Tweed works up in beautiful, uniform stitches and the relatively low contrast between the tweed “buttons” and the background fiber gives it a slight touch of raw, rustic interest without detracting from the featured stitch design.
- Garments that “rub”. This could be skirts, sweaters that hang below your bottom or designed so that the arms and body rub together. Anywhere there is friction, you get piling – those unattractive bits of fluff that stick out of your knitting. I’ve worn my Soldag sweater in Drops Soft Tweed at least 20 times since I knit it, and there has been absolutely no piling, and it’s come as a pleasant surprise. I’m even planning to use it in a skirt very soon!
- Light, breathable garments. Knitting a heavy cable sweater? Soft Tweed is a lighter alternative to traditional 100% merino yarns that might add too much weight to such a bulky sweater. This can help you avoid the garment stretching over time.

Not great for:

- Knitting really tight fabrics. Because Soft Tweed is a carded – not combed – yarn, it is relatively weak and susceptible to breakage if too much tension is applied. You’ll really want to use 4 mm or larger needles to knit this up. It also benefits from a mohair/silk follow-thread for additional stability
- Kids’ clothing. Soft Tweed is a little rougher than other wools, and this can be uncomfortable and scratchy for children. Choose another yarn of 100% merino instead.

Recommended patterns in Drops Soft Tweed:

- The Soldag sweater
- The Inis Skirt from Knits From Oslo
- Ingrid Sweater from Petite Knit
- Sille Slipover from Petite Knit